Say hello to your customers and goodbye to contamination.

Track & reduce contamination, monitor waste diversion, and eliminate audits through automated collection stream analysis

Identify Contaminants in Real-Time,

No RFID’s Needed

Bluterra identifies specified contaminants for each cart tip in the hopper, automatically logs the data to the appropriate customer’s account, instantaneously notifies the account holder of the contaminant items, and provides you with actionable data to streamline your operations and grow your bottom line.

Bluterra identifies each customer through the serial number printed on their cart, so no RFID’s means more margin for you.

Here to Help Grow Your Bottom Line

Negotiate Better MRF Rates
Clean Your Recycling or Organics Stream
Better Experience For Your Customers
Track, Tag, or Reject High-Contaminant Accounts

Sit Back & Let Bluterra Do the Heavy Lifting

Bluterra requires no extra effort from your team to reduce contamination at the curb and gives you

powerful data along with additional actions you can take with just the click of a button.

Track What Matters

Set an allowable contamination threshold, see heat maps, track contamination data, number of strikes, and more. Dashboards allow you to see actionable data for you service-area, route specific, or even individual accounts.

Download or receive reports on routes, high-contaminant or multiple strike accounts, and see how your stream changes over time.

Seamless Communication

Attack contamination through automated and individualized feedback, delived directly to your customers.

Text Notifications


Postcard Mailers

Mobile App

Want us to send a postcard to the top 10% contaminated accounts? No problem! One click is all it takes, and then monitor the campaign’s impact through the dashboard.

Getting Started is Easy.

No RFID’s. No new carts. No headaches.

Contact us to get started and see if Bluterra will work with your existing hopper camera system and service area.

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